How to Buy a Sleeper Sofa/Sofa Bed

A sleeper sofa is just the thing when a person has limited space and guests coming in from out of town. Even a chair sleeper will do in a pinch, if the guest is only staying for the night. A sectional sleeper sofa can be an item of luxury that the homeowner might not mind spending a night in themselves. Still, the conventional wisdom is that a sleeper sofa is never going to be as comfortable as a regular bed, though it can come close.

When looking for a sofa bed, the homeowner should buy one with a thick mattress, for a thick mattress is more comfortable to rest on. They should have a quilted cover like a regular mattress and have a warranty that will last at least five years. The homeowner might also want to buy an air mattress to add to the sofa bed’s mattress for even more comfort. Some manufacturers even offer these. A high quality sleeper sofa also has spring coils and should have wooden frames instead of frames made of metal tubing.

The homeowner should ask and be allowed to open up the bed in the showroom. This is the only way to see if it’s easy to open before it’s bought. They should then lie down on it and make sure that it’s comfortable. They shouldn’t feel the springs or frame. Then, the homeowner should fold the sofa bed up, replace its cushions and sit down on it. It should be as comfortable as a regular, well-built sofa.

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