Caring for your Leather Sofa

Buying a leather designer sofa can be a great investment, not only is it a statement piece but it can also stand the test of time which means it is perfect for homes with children and pets.

Leather upholstery is much more long lasting than fabric and its good looks can be maintained with ease if cared for properly.

Leather is a natural product, and each piece differs. The beauty of leather is that there are traces of its origin in the form of scars and creases, these hallmarks add to the character of the suite and add to the quality of the product.

When placed close to heat sources, leather upholstery, in a similar way to wood, can fade, stiffen and crack; by keeping leather sofas away from places such as fireplaces and areas that get direct sunlight, leather settees can provide many years of comfort.

One benefit of having a leather settee in the home is how easy to clean they are; a slightly damp cloth used on the leather will easily clear away any accumulated dirt. However, when doing this for the first time, it is advised to test a small spot in an inconspicuous area to make sure the leather has been properly sealed.

If there is a spill on leather furniture, which is not uncommon in homes with children, the best form of defence is a dry cloth to blot the spillage and leave it to air dry. The blotting method is recommended as wiping can lead to moisture being spread to a wider area. It is advised by those that manufacture leather designer furniture to avoid using soap or cleaning detergents to clean stains as these could be more damaging than the stain itself.

It is often recommended that by investing in a good leather conditioner and applying every six to twelve months, the leather settee can keep its characteristic appearance and texture for many years.

By keeping on top of maintenance, leather designer furniture can remain that classic piece that evolves with the room and remain the stylish statement piece that it was intended to be.


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