Outdoor Living Spaces Benefit From Professional Attention

Increasing the enjoyment of residential and commercial landscapes requires using the right mix of ornamental perennials and annuals, providing the conditions favorable to their growth and designing outdoors spaces to invite use. A homeowner or property manager will find it extremely difficult to see to all the tasks involved alone, but a professional landscaping company can provide the knowledge and labor to stay on top of these tasks.

## Outdoor Living Spaces
One of the biggest challenges in landscape design is maximizing use by occupants and clients. One tactic is to circle ornamental perennials around a porch or rock terrace in a location that is highly visible from indoor common areas. Once this is achieved, paths can be constructed to other features, such as the border areas, open lawn play spaces, and a secluded bench under an arbor covered in jasmine. Lining these areas with evergreens can increase use during colder months, and interspersed deciduous plants can add their flowers and aromas at different times of the year.

Choosing the right mixture of plants for such a design is a research-intensive process for those without experience. Once plants are chosen and placed at the proper distances, yard maintenance and lawn care will be required to keep the area beautiful and livable. This means applying different fertilizers at the right time for the different plants, as well as learning the pruning schedule most conducive to the health of each. Annuals, planted in containers or ground, can also add to the ambiance, but their care is likewise complicated by the number of species used.

## Choosing Knowledge and Experience
Finding the right landscaping services may take some work, but it is well worth the effort. They will have the experience to know what plants grow well together and the tools to ensure proper pruning and care.

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