Remove Your Lawn’s Pest Welcome Sign

Many lawns are overrun by pests and weeds every growing season. If you don’t address the problem, your green space will weaken and die. Improper Lawn maintenance creates an inviting habitat for the invaders. There are things you can do to restore your lawn. Spring is the ideal season to establish a green space that is free of weeds and pests. Weeds are a key indicator of inappropriate lawn care that should be addressed with the application of a fertilizer in early spring.

Bugs and weeds can become an issue in February or March. You must use effective pest and weed control measures when you recognize the problem to avoid a major infestation in the summer. The best strategy is to treat your lawn before the invaders have time to become established and spread.
Apply a nitrogen-enriched fertilizer when your grass is actively growing. Spreading your fertilizer while the lawn is dormant encourages weed growth. It is best to wait until after your first two or three lawn cuttings.

Inadequate soil drainage makes it difficult for turf grasses to thrive, but it provides the ideal environment for invasive weeds. Assess your lawn’s drainage characteristics. Plant the best grass for your soil and climate. Heavily shaded lawns won’t support grass varieties that need full sunlight.

Periodically check your lawn for pests, such as cutworms, white grubs and aphids. Discolored or chewed grass blades are common symptoms of an infestation. You can address this issue by reducing excess thatch, cultivating the best grass for your property and mowing at a reduced height. Homeowners should also prune tree branches to enable more light to reach their lawns. You can use a pesticide that eradicates the specific pests affecting your lawn. landscaping services are an ideal way to regain control of your green space.

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