A New Way of Keeping Green in Urban Living

Urban living does not doom one to a life of existence in concrete jungles of grey. Living walls for urban gardens are a fantastic way to bring the beauty of nature into your home, no matter how limited your space might be. Whether you choose to place your living wall indoors or choose to have vertical farms in outdoor settings, it adds a beautiful touch of life and infuses a unique sense of elegance to your environment.

Living walls can be planted with anything from stylish curling ivy plants, to colorful flowers that brighten your home, to edible goodies that the whole family can enjoy. In addition, they can elevate mood and increase property worth with the aesthetic value they add.

Joanna, an avid nature lover and owner of a vertical garden said, “Although it is low maintenance, it is high value in the tremendous benefits it brings. I love feeling like I’m outside in nature right in my downtown city apartment.”

Ben, a grandfather living in a senior home and who had loved to garden his whole life, was elated when his children gave him a living wall for Christmas. “I thought my gardening days were over, but even with my limited space, I can still get my hands dirty doing what I have always loved to do: caring for plants.”

Teachers and students love them too. Linda, a fifth grade teacher, shared her experience with her living walls: “We planted a variety of vegetation and the kids loved watching it grow. It was both a fun and educational year-long activity in our class that made our classroom one of the most popular in the school.”

Ultimately, they are a great idea and valuable investment for any urban setting.

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