Many Uses for Nuheat Mats

Nuheat mats are highly flexible as a form of heating, offering heating in just about every situation and in every property:

1) Homes. Nuheat radiant bathroom floor heating mats are a favorite with homeowners, as electric flooring creates a very comfortable and cozy heat. In the home, electric flooring can be used virtually anywhere, under any flooring surface. In every room of the house, from the kitchen to the basement to the bathroom, radiant Nuheat mats transform your home into a comfortable and cozy home with warm floors. For homeowners, a Nuheat in floor heating system can also mean lower energy and heating costs. This is because radiant heat tends to be more energy-efficient than many other types of heat.

2) Condominiums, apartment buildings, and townhouses. Today, more and more luxury apartments, condominiums and townhouses are advertising floor heating as a desirable amenity. It’s not hard to see why. Long-lasting and low-maintenance, an in floor heating system provides exceptional quality for the condo owner while also saving costs for the condo association. In floor heating systems also mean more space, as they do not require ducts, radiators, and other bulky heating equipment.

3) Hotels and restaurants. In the hospitality industry, guest comfort is paramount, and radiant Nuheat mats deliver exceptional quality comfort to every room in a restaurant or hotel. In a hotel, in floor heating provides guests with cozy warm floors while also providing more space. In both a hotel and restaurant, Nuheat mats permit zone heating, meaning that only those rooms and areas currently being used need to be heated, saving the business considerable amounts of money.

4) Hospitals and medical clinics. Heating medical clinics and hospitals is crucial for patient health, but can also be very expensive. In floor heating is a cost-effective way to heat any building, including very large buildings. In addition, electric flooring is a great choice for medical clinics and hospital facilities, since this form of heating is more hygienic and does not trap or distribute allergens and bacteria the way that forced air systems can. Floor heat can actually help keep health care environments safer and healthier for patients.

5) Schools. Children often play on the floor, making floor heat the ideal choice for any school or day care environment. Electric flooring can help transform floors into easy-to-clean hard surface flooring that provides comfort and warmth for children year-round.

6) Nursing homes. Nursing homes face special needs for their heating. Most nursing homes have limited resources, so energy efficient electric flooring can be a great choice that helps save money. In addition, nursing homes need to consider residents’ safety. An in floor heating system can be a great option, as it reduces the need for rugs and carpeting, which can pose a trip hazard. In addition, electric flooring can actually make floors safer by gently drying moisture on the floor surfaces. As well, Nuheat mats installed under the floors provide residents with comfortable warm feet, which can be much appreciated for those suffering from chronic pain and arthritis or rheumatism.

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