The After Effects Of A Heavy Storm

Whenever any storm is appearing the whole surrounding gets dark. The sky gets filled with dark clouds. And when the storm begins there is thunder and lightning which often causes massive damage. You must have heard that often people, animals and trees get struck by the lightning. Not only that often big trees fall in the middle of the road causing hindrance in the normal transportation. Strom damages the houses mainly the ones which are not so strong and cause water leak everywhere. The daily life style gets disrupted. The whole place is very wet and the whole surrounding gets flooded. The fishes in the ponds are also affected. Due to the overflow of water in the ponds the fishes often land in the surface and fall prey to the local people. It is a very common experience especially in the villages where you get to see lots of water bodies all around. Due to the storm the gardens get destroyed as the branches of the weak plants break. The whole place gets dirty due to the sprawling of the branches and the leaves and other dump which the storm has brought with it.

Whenever any of our closed ones are out in the storm we always remain tensed regarding their safety. The chances of load shedding increase because the storm can affect the electric and the phone lines as well. Besides all these you also have to spend a lot of money on the water damage repair purpose. Thus the storm is both mentally, physically as well as economically distressing.

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