Unique Entrees for the Holidays

entreesAs the holiday season quickly approaches, it is once again time to start brainstorming ideas for tasty dishes that you can serve at your family gatherings. While traditional meals, such as ham and turkey, are usually a hit and well-liked by all, this might be the year you want to put a little twist in your holiday menu with some new dishes. One unique and fairly simple route to try this winter is to make a variety of casseroles as a buffet-style meal to offer a wide range of tastes for your friends and family. Better yet, try cooking your dishes using a slow cooker to achieve the unique taste and consistency only this method can provide.

Once you have decided to mix up the menu this season, pull out all the stops. Break out your slow brushed steel cooker and add some culture to your holiday dinner by serving some tasty Greek casseroles, such as Moussaka. Moussaka is an ideal dish for the holidays, featuring ground lamb and eggplant, with an impressive array of spices that make your mouth water on the spot. Compliment your unique Greek entrée with a subtle and traditional vegetable casserole, such as green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole.

Taking this alternative approach to holiday cooking is sure to impress the taste buds of your guests, while offering you a refreshing break from the standard holiday routine in the kitchen. Slow cooking generally requires relatively little prep time as well, giving you plenty of freedom to whip up your favorite side dishes and desserts for an impressive spread.

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