Various Adverse Effects Of Water

Water is essential for life. Water is also the source of income for many. The fishermen’s livelihood depends on water. So water is their life giver. But when the same water is flowing in an unrestricted manner it can cause havoc. Have you ever seen oceans and seas in a turbulent condition? It seems as if some sea monster is roaring. The people who live by the sea side often have to leave their homes and run for their life. And the roaring water engulfs their homes and their other belongings. You must have heard that many people lose their lives when the sea gets out of control. And the innocent people have to face the water damage. It is at this time when the water becomes the destroyer of their lives. The fact is that anything which goes out of limit can cause problems in our lives. But man does not have any control over nature. So you have to follow the dictate of the natural world and live with it.

The above paragraph showed the adverse of water on a greater level. Now if we consider it on a minor level. A storm or a flood also affects us by causing many other problems as well. It causes water leak in the pipes. The roads get muddy and every time you have to carry an umbrella whenever you go out of the house. This is really very distressing. Everywhere the roads are waterlogged. Due to excess rain the daily schedule of the people gets disturbed. The damp swampy surrounding also kind of saddens our mood.

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