Start With Your Bed for Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Bedroom DecorMost of us today would like to be a little less busy, with more time to stop and think and to go from one thing to the next without a hectic rush. We work hard, whether in paid employment or as a stay at home parent or homemaker, so we deserve a bit of serenity in our day.

Giving yourself a relaxing bedroom can be the start of huge improvements to your health and well-being. It is important to realise that both the bed and the decor can have an impact.

Health Benefits
According to the Sleep Council picking a bed that is neither too soft nor too hard, or too small, is fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep. It is the time when our bodies are able to rejuvenate, mentally and physically, so there is more to it than just avoiding feeling sleepy the following day. It might be time for a new bed, so think about what you need carefully:
• Will anyone else sleep in the bed?
• Does anyone suffer with ongoing physical ailments, particularly back pain?
• Do you or your partner have problems with circulation or respiratory issues?

Discuss what you think you need with a specialist bed retailer, and they will guide you towards what you actually need once you have tested a few mattresses.

Plan the Overall Look
Once the decision about the bed frame and mattress is made, you are free to be creative with the other decor updates. Many of the larger or specialist retailers will offer matching furniture and sets, so if you buy the bed with them, you can also buy matching pieces to go with it and complete the look. Try somewhere like Forrest Furnishing for a range of different styles and budgets.

If you prefer something completely unique in your bedroom, the ongoing trend for upcycling and customising items is still very popular. This way, you can guarantee you will never see another piece like it! It is a great way to make sure that your home reflects your personality and needn’t be confined just to bedroom furniture. Start searching the online auction sites now!

Making the Final Touches
By the time you have chosen your furniture, you might think you’ve done the hard work. It’s the finishing touches and the soft furnishings that make the difference between a show room and your room. For a classy scheme that won’t date, choose neutral colours to build on and then add accent colours to reflect your personality or even the seasons. Trends can be updated relatively easily and cheaply provided there is a neutral base in place.

Have a Clear Out
Be ruthless! Clear everything from your room and sort through it. Things that you want to hang on to will need their own place in your new-look scheme. If they don’t ‘go’, move them to another room, store them, or bin them. This is a great chance to get rid of unwanted or unneeded possessions.

Once you have created this sanctuary, give yourself time to enjoy it. Have an early night, read a book or even treat yourself to breakfast in your new bed once in a while!

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