Bathroom Design: Sink, Lighting, Bath and Shower Tips and More

Bathroom DesignIf you look at your bathroom and feel despair, now is the time for a renovation project for your smallest room. Any bathroom can be improved with attention to the layout, the lighting, the bath, the taps and the shower fittings. All it takes is enthusiasm, a little planning, and some cash – find out how to improve your bathroom the easy way with these DIY bathroom tips for all aspects of the room.

Bathroom Layout Tips

Every bathroom has to be functional as well as stylish, which means you must deal with drains, water lines, vents, windows and plumbing. This can be enough to put people off dealing with a bathroom renovation project but it is really no cause for concern, particularly if you draw on expert help. Layouts usually involve water lines along one, two or three walls – it is cheapest and most efficient to have the shower, sink and toilet along one wall, for example. But if you have a bigger budget it can be more effective to spread these items on three walls. Think about where to place the bulkiest items in the bathroom such as the shower or the bath. If you are installing a new shower, make it a freestanding cubicle to add value and also increase convenience. Consider a steam shower or a spa shower. While a steam shower may cost a little more than a regular shower it really makes a difference according to – you benefit from a spa-like bathing experience every time you take a shower, and that experience is priceless for your sense of wellbeing.

Sink Tips

Think about how you will use the sinks and how often they will be used. Sinks in a children’s bathroom will always be running, while a small guest room will be less used – remember that water will drip from the sink across the floor to the towel whenever anyone uses the unit. Consider vanity freestanding units as they look more stylish than built-in, boxy sinks.

Lighting Tips

The lighting in a bathroom is critical. You need to pay attention to the lighting as it can make a big difference to how you use the bathroom as well as how it looks. The most important area to be lit is the mirror – and any additional mirrors you may use for makeup or shaving. Ideally, the mirror should be lit from three sides so you have no shadows on your face. For overall lighting use a ceiling-mounted fitting with a dimmer switch. Your steam shower also needs vapour-proof lighting and you can even install coloured lights in the shower to set the mood.

Bath Tips

If you have enough space for a shower and a bath, these two separate pieces make the space highly comfortable as well as attractive. Freestanding bathtubs are elegant and timeless or you can install a platform bathtub on a pine base. If you can afford it, go for a deep soaking bathtub or a whirlpool bath to enhance the spa experience.

Maintaining A Garbage Disposal

images (11)A garbage disposal, generally known as a waste disposal unit as well as garburator is usually a device that disposes food waste so that it can pass through plumbing. The unit helps in keeping smells connected with garbage away from garbage cans and kitchen. For the unit to stay working for a long period, you have to help maintain it. Here are tips about how to maintain it.

Keep hard materials from the disposal

Large, hard materials make the shredder less successful and dull while small hard objects can get stuck and jam the rotating elements. The units contain a list that specifies the objects that you need to avoid. The list also specifies the amount of hard objects that you can put in your disposal. If you suspect which a given object is harder versus disposal can deal with, you should put the item in the junk can or put it in a earthworm composting bin. Regardless of garbage disposal that you have, you should maintain following items from the units: unpopped popcorn kernels, hard shells from crabs, shrimp, along with shellfish and hard bones.

Don’t put starch and fibrous items inside the disposal

These items cause stubborn drain blockages for the reason that fibers get complicated and starches become thick. Some of the items that you need to avoid putting inside the disposal include: celery, banana peels, potato peeling, gourmet coffee grounds, artichokes, fruit pits, red onion skins, egg shells, and corn cobs. If you cannot avoid putting these items in the disposal, you should cut them into smaller pieces.

Function cold water while disposal is on

Following a waste substance has passed the drain, you should maintain disposer and water running for as much as 1 minute. Cold water keeps this shredder assembly, bearings and motor from overheating. The water also allows this waste to go down. This is due to the water pushes this waste down.

Finding A Good Plumber

download (25)If you need significant work done in your bathing room or kitchen, it’s time to contact a plumber! Some may try to discover a do-it-yourself path because it seems more affordable, but this isn’t always real. An experienced can get the job done much more easily, plus he knows when permits are required, and he has the appropriate devices for the job. So, you want an efficient organization at an affordable cost, right? Here’s a few methods to start your look for.

Ask for References

Friends, close relatives, and others who live nearby can probably provide you with the name of a plumbing technician they’ve used in previous times. If they were satisfied with the completed item and obtained an affordable amount, get the organization’s name and make them a call!

Pay Attention to Regional Listings

If you’re using the yellow pages to discover your expert, examine out small sized ads for local organizations. Possibilities are, their prices are reduced since they’re working a small organization. Just because their ad is little doesn’t mean their work is below par. Regional organizations often have a little marketing price range, so they will cost less for their solutions.

Ask for an Estimate

While over -the-phone reports aren’t always possible, it doesn’t harm to ask. Actually, you can understand a lot about the organization’s client support by asking concerns over the cellphone. If they’re willing to work with you to determine an estimate- even if it’s an extensive price range – you’ve probably discovered a keeper! When you’re working with problems that a plumbing technician often deal with, getting an estimate should be simple. If he seems that there may be actual problems, you may have to negotiate for a range of costs until he can come to your home and determine the problems. It’s also difficult to solidify and calculate over the cellphone when the client isn’t sure what’s resulting in the issue.

Modular Homes

download (31)Modular homes are customized homes that are designed in large units in a controlled atmosphere and are sent to the place and constructed there. Being cost-effective and still magnificent is an amazing function of modular homes. This is why they are becoming more and more popular. Here are a few reasons why modular homes are making it possible for us to manage magnificent living:

Building Conditions

The atmosphere where modular homes are produced preserves a regular temperature throughout the year. That is why no impact of cold, ice, rainfall, heat, snowfall, wind, or any other elements can come in the way of building requirements and work flow.

No Wasted Materials

On-site building usually happens upon a lot of wastage of materials. Whereas, the modular homes are designed in industries, which guarantees almost zero material wastage. This means not only it is cost-effective to go for modular homes, it is also eco-friendly.


Modular homes are designed to endure truck rides that can be 70 mph on roadways and 20 mph on the streets of back country sides. When these homes reach their last site they have to be raised off the vehicle with the help of a crane. Moreover, the development of these homes is in accordance to the developing standards of the area where they are going to be set up. Your modular home might be produced in Virginia, but if you want to set up it in Tennessee, it will comply with the Tennessee codes.


The manufacturers of modular homes and even Metal Buildings buy their components in bulk, which helps them get a price benefits. Moreover, no wastage of material and quick production also helps you to save money. The manufacturers usually successfully transfer these benefits to the customers by providing much smaller price than that of an on-site building.

Is Now a Good Time to Start a Window Installation Business?

Window InstallationFollowing the latest budget, now would be a good time to start a window installation business. The chancellor has announced help to cut businesses’ energy costs. The Director General of the Food and Drink Federation said the changes would “reward those who invest in energy-efficient technologies.

How to Get Started
Firstly, you will need a business plan. No matter what type of business you are considering, you will always need a business plan. It is the only way you can set goals and work out how to get there. This will involve doing some local research as you will need to know that your business will be viable. Window installation is a popular home improvement, and demand is usually quite high; therefore, there will be competition. You will need to assess the level of competition in the area that you plan to operate as well as the likely demand. If it doesn’t look like there will be room in the market for another installation company, perhaps you should review your chosen area. Don’t be put off by competition – it means there is a demand for the product. Just make sure there is room for your business to grow, too.

Talk to people who already work in this field. You may not get much joy from the local window installers, as you intend to be their competitor, but if you go out of your area you might be able to find someone who is happy to give you some insights into the day-to-day running of a window installation business. There are often local Business Link communities in your local area that will be able to help with all aspects of running a business. You can also find a lot of resources on the government’s website.

Make sure you have the right skills to become a window installer. Most window installers have already gained experience working for another firm. Running your own business also requires some bookkeeping and admin skills. If this isn’t your forte, you may be able to learn the skills or you might have someone who can help you with this. Many installers run their business with a partner who has the necessary business acumen to make sure that all the bills get paid and your taxes are done on time.

Find a Manufacturer
You will need to partner with uPVC window manufacturers who can deliver a quality product when you need it. Choose a company that has a wide selection that is competitively priced. Some companies like Sierra Windows will offer a support service, not only for installation but for advertising and marketing, too.

If you don’t have your own funds to get you started, you may need a business loan. There are several options to get the funds you need. Some people take a second mortgage on their home, but don’t forget that your home will be at risk if you can’t pay back the loan. Your bank may be able to offer a business loan, or investors may want to invest in your business.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Door for your Home

DoorIs something not quite right about the outside of your house? Do you want to improve the look of your home without spending a fortune? Then consider the most visible facet of your exterior – the front door. A brand new door makes a world of difference to how good your house looks. Gone are the peeling paint and the rusty door hinges. In comes a sparkling, shiny door that welcomes visitors and gives you a good feeling whenever you arrive home. But there is such a variety of front doors available on the market today; choosing the wrong door could leave you with a bigger problem than before. Here’s how to pick the right door for your house.

1. Pick the Type of Door
Doors are commonly constructed from metal, wood, or composite materials. Wooden doors are popular but may require more upkeep than composite doors. Composite doors from a supplier like safedoors are a good choice because they combine good looks with easy maintenance. For instance, they retain the look of wood while doing away with the associated problems of upkeep.  In addition, you can choose from a variety of different styles.

2. Choose the Style
Once you have settled on what material your door will be made from, choose the style of door that will best suit your home. The range of different styles is extensive, from elegant and modern, to traditional and cottage-style. When deciding which style to go for, consider the style of your house and also the other houses in the street. Think about whether you want the door to blend in or stand out.

3. Choose the Colour
If you want your door to stand out, nothing is better than a bold red or vibrant, bright blue. But you may not want your front door to attract so much attention. In this case, choose a muted brown or a fresh white. Fortunately, particularly when it comes to composite doors, the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to colour choice. You can also choose what colour the door is on the interior – white is the traditional choice but you can go for a wood grain finish also.

4. Add the Accessories
To make your door unique, customize the appearance with your choice of fittings such as brass lever handles, letter boxes in different styles, and door knockers in brass or other metals. To make the decision even trickier, consider that you can also choose glass panels, side bars, different peepholes and much more.

5. Consider the Security Features
A new door is not only aesthetically pleasing but it should also offer a good level of security. Pick a sturdy door, with full hinges and lock plates. Look out for doors that also have a good level of thermal efficiency, for the environmental benefits. You should pick a door that comes with an insulated foam core that will lead to lower energy bills.

Saving Energy and Reducing the Carbon Footprint around Swansea

Save EnergyThere has been some exciting news regarding the introduction of alternative energy in and around Swansea. It appears that the proposed solar farm, installing 65,300 electricity generating panels is going to be given the green light.  The farm has been recommended for approval, meaning if it goes through there will be more than 70 acres of solar panels located outside the Five Roads Village, situated close to Llanelli.

A Positive Move into a Greener Future
The solar farm will generate electricity in a way that is good for the environment, but there has been some opposition to the plan. The Llanelli Rural Council are concerned about the impact the farm will have on the landscape. However, with greener energy there are many positive benefits, the main one being the use of a sustainable energy source that requires a lot less maintenance, is cheap and it doesn’t produce waste products such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants.

Making a Difference
Businesses and home owners in Swansea are being encouraged to do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint for the good of the environment and to reduce energy costs. There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Installing your own solar panels is one way and if you decide to do that professional venders like Precision Roofing, Inc can help you choose from the many different solar options that are available to you.  However, there are many more that you can use alongside the solar panels, or without. The top ways to save energy in business include:

  • Replacing old windows and replacing them with energy efficient UPVC double glazing from Swansea. Windows lose heat from the property and allow cold air to enter. Upgrading to modern double glazing reduces the amount of energy that is required to heat up the property, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Replacing equipment with contemporary energy efficient equipment, such as computers, appliances and machinery.
  • Training employees to be aware of the way they use energy. Insisting all equipment is turned off after use and all waste materials are recycled or reused correctly.
  • Conducting an audit to discover areas where energy is being wasted in the company. Outside service providers can offer this service to help you discover how you’re using and wasting water, gas and electricity and evaluate your waste disposal.
  • Printing less within the company will make a huge difference as it makes up around 35% of the waste of every company.  Reduce printing and use technology for your documentation. You can now go completely digital using collaboration tools, and it’s even possible to have contracts sent and signed digitally using specialist software such as Adobe Acrobat.
  • Collaborate with other green companies. Investigate how the companies you use work towards being carbon neutral. Check out their green policy and change if you find they are not taking enough action. You will benefit greatly by ensuring your supply chain is green.

All of these methods are well-known yet many businesses in Swansea are still lacking. Make a difference and become part of the solution.

Top Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Home SecureThe best way to approach home security is deterrence. Minimising the risk of your valuables and property being subject to theft will leave you feeling more secure and quite possibly your pocket better off when it comes to home insurance. Here are a few ways to keep those burglars at bay.

Secure The Property
Make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked and have no weak points. Old windows and badly secured doors are tempting for would be burglars. Dead-bolts are to be recommended as is ensuring that you have the right level of security on any sliding patio doors which require specialist locks to ensure that they are safe and secure. Getting advice from a professional installation company such as PatioMaster about the best security methods for doors and windows is highly recommended. Install security lighting around the property as possible thieves will avoid brightly lit areas. An alarm system is also a huge deterrent, will make you feel safer and really does help when taking out house insurance.

Don’t Make it Easy For Them
Do not leave keys visible and accessible to those who might want to get into your property. When you go to bed take keys with you so that you know that they are safe. It is never a good idea to hide keys in your garden or in obvious places like under plant pots. These are the first places thieves will look as they are well aware of people’s habits. Do not advertise the fact that you are going away on social media or in public areas like hairdressers, a lot of burglaries occur because they know that the house will be empty. If you do have to go away have someone open and close the curtains for you and use an automatic timer to switch lights on and off.

Make it Noisy
Burglars do not want to be heard. So it stands to reason that anything that is likely to force them into making a noise will stop them in their tracks. Having a gravelled drive is one way that you can use this theory to deter a thief. We all know how much noise it makes when you have to walk across gravel, and it is the last thing that a would be burglar will want to do. Having a dog who will bark at unwanted visitors is also a good method of deterrence.

Home security at the end of the day often comes down to common sense. If you were going to try and get into someone’s house, you would look for weaknesses. Use that knowledge to your best advantage and make sure that there is nothing that the thieves can take advantage of.

Start With Your Bed for Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Bedroom DecorMost of us today would like to be a little less busy, with more time to stop and think and to go from one thing to the next without a hectic rush. We work hard, whether in paid employment or as a stay at home parent or homemaker, so we deserve a bit of serenity in our day.

Giving yourself a relaxing bedroom can be the start of huge improvements to your health and well-being. It is important to realise that both the bed and the decor can have an impact.

Health Benefits
According to the Sleep Council picking a bed that is neither too soft nor too hard, or too small, is fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep. It is the time when our bodies are able to rejuvenate, mentally and physically, so there is more to it than just avoiding feeling sleepy the following day. It might be time for a new bed, so think about what you need carefully:
• Will anyone else sleep in the bed?
• Does anyone suffer with ongoing physical ailments, particularly back pain?
• Do you or your partner have problems with circulation or respiratory issues?

Discuss what you think you need with a specialist bed retailer, and they will guide you towards what you actually need once you have tested a few mattresses.

Plan the Overall Look
Once the decision about the bed frame and mattress is made, you are free to be creative with the other decor updates. Many of the larger or specialist retailers will offer matching furniture and sets, so if you buy the bed with them, you can also buy matching pieces to go with it and complete the look. Try somewhere like Forrest Furnishing for a range of different styles and budgets.

If you prefer something completely unique in your bedroom, the ongoing trend for upcycling and customising items is still very popular. This way, you can guarantee you will never see another piece like it! It is a great way to make sure that your home reflects your personality and needn’t be confined just to bedroom furniture. Start searching the online auction sites now!

Making the Final Touches
By the time you have chosen your furniture, you might think you’ve done the hard work. It’s the finishing touches and the soft furnishings that make the difference between a show room and your room. For a classy scheme that won’t date, choose neutral colours to build on and then add accent colours to reflect your personality or even the seasons. Trends can be updated relatively easily and cheaply provided there is a neutral base in place.

Have a Clear Out
Be ruthless! Clear everything from your room and sort through it. Things that you want to hang on to will need their own place in your new-look scheme. If they don’t ‘go’, move them to another room, store them, or bin them. This is a great chance to get rid of unwanted or unneeded possessions.

Once you have created this sanctuary, give yourself time to enjoy it. Have an early night, read a book or even treat yourself to breakfast in your new bed once in a while!

Choosing Sofas and Chairs is Fun

SofasWhen it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, there are plenty of things to consider. You want pieces that coordinate with each other, but also with the overall look and feel of the room where they’ll be. Before you make your final decision, it’s important to understand the process that goes into making the right choice. But that doesn’t mean you have to get technical and turn the venture into a chore you’d rather avoid. Read on for some handy, and fun, tips that will help you leave the furniture showroom with the exact pieces you need.

What do you see when you close your eyes and imagine the perfect sitting room? Maybe it’s a blue and coral retreat that takes you back to your most memorable beach vacation. Perhaps it’s a vintage combination of pink and gray that provides the perfect backdrop for your antiques collection. Take a deep breath and visualize the perfect couch and set of chairs to make that fantasy a reality. The chances are that the best choice will come to you in a vision and you’ll know exactly what you want to find.

Getting Practical
Once you have a vision of what you want when you go to purchase the ideal couch and chairs, it’s practical to consider the basics. You’ll want to be sure the item you finally choose is going to fit and that it’s going to match everything else you plan to put in the same room. It might not be as much fun as your daydream, but make sure you have a size and color scheme in mind before you head out for a day of shopping. Take a mental picture of your vision so you can easily refer back to it as needed. That will inject just the right dose of fun into your adventure.

What Are My Options?
The experts at http://www.dunelm and chairs/ offer a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns and pieces that are sure to meet anyone’s needs. Choose from seating options that include wingback chairs, armchairs, barstools, dining chairs, sofa beds, corner couches, sectionals and loveseats. Go back to your original ideas and think about what you see. Your image should guide you in deciding whether the sectional is a better fit than several chairs or a traditional couch. It’s okay to stand there in the showroom and close your eyes so you can imagine how those breathtaking wingbacks will look flanking your bay window.

Thoughts to Consider
Think about what you plan to pair your couches and chairs with. If you have a rich and deeply colored wood floor in your living room, it might not matter if the hot pink couch is something you immediately fall in love with. Again, close your eyes and try to see how it will look placed on your floor. You might find that your dream furniture evolves when you envision the whole picture. Wall art, knick knacks, area rugs, throw pillows and heirlooms are other items you want to “see” next to your couch and chairs, so use your imagination to make sure they meld. In no time, you’ll be lounging on furniture in a room that is truly a dream come true.