Bathroom Design: Sink, Lighting, Bath and Shower Tips and More

Bathroom DesignIf you look at your bathroom and feel despair, now is the time for a renovation project for your smallest room. Any bathroom can be improved with attention to the layout, the lighting, the bath, the taps and the shower fittings. All it takes is enthusiasm, a little planning, and some cash – find out how to improve your bathroom the easy way with these DIY bathroom tips for all aspects of the room.

Bathroom Layout Tips

Every bathroom has to be functional as well as stylish, which means you must deal with drains, water lines, vents, windows and plumbing. This can be enough to put people off dealing with a bathroom renovation project but it is really no cause for concern, particularly if you draw on expert help. Layouts usually involve water lines along one, two or three walls – it is cheapest and most efficient to have the shower, sink and toilet along one wall, for example. But if you have a bigger budget it can be more effective to spread these items on three walls. Think about where to place the bulkiest items in the bathroom such as the shower or the bath. If you are installing a new shower, make it a freestanding cubicle to add value and also increase convenience. Consider a steam shower or a spa shower. While a steam shower may cost a little more than a regular shower it really makes a difference according to – you benefit from a spa-like bathing experience every time you take a shower, and that experience is priceless for your sense of wellbeing.

Sink Tips

Think about how you will use the sinks and how often they will be used. Sinks in a children’s bathroom will always be running, while a small guest room will be less used – remember that water will drip from the sink across the floor to the towel whenever anyone uses the unit. Consider vanity freestanding units as they look more stylish than built-in, boxy sinks.

Lighting Tips

The lighting in a bathroom is critical. You need to pay attention to the lighting as it can make a big difference to how you use the bathroom as well as how it looks. The most important area to be lit is the mirror – and any additional mirrors you may use for makeup or shaving. Ideally, the mirror should be lit from three sides so you have no shadows on your face. For overall lighting use a ceiling-mounted fitting with a dimmer switch. Your steam shower also needs vapour-proof lighting and you can even install coloured lights in the shower to set the mood.

Bath Tips

If you have enough space for a shower and a bath, these two separate pieces make the space highly comfortable as well as attractive. Freestanding bathtubs are elegant and timeless or you can install a platform bathtub on a pine base. If you can afford it, go for a deep soaking bathtub or a whirlpool bath to enhance the spa experience.