5 Steps to Choosing the Right Door for your Home

DoorIs something not quite right about the outside of your house? Do you want to improve the look of your home without spending a fortune? Then consider the most visible facet of your exterior – the front door. A brand new door makes a world of difference to how good your house looks. Gone are the peeling paint and the rusty door hinges. In comes a sparkling, shiny door that welcomes visitors and gives you a good feeling whenever you arrive home. But there is such a variety of front doors available on the market today; choosing the wrong door could leave you with a bigger problem than before. Here’s how to pick the right door for your house.

1. Pick the Type of Door
Doors are commonly constructed from metal, wood, or composite materials. Wooden doors are popular but may require more upkeep than composite doors. Composite doors from a supplier like safedoors are a good choice because they combine good looks with easy maintenance. For instance, they retain the look of wood while doing away with the associated problems of upkeep.  In addition, you can choose from a variety of different styles.

2. Choose the Style
Once you have settled on what material your door will be made from, choose the style of door that will best suit your home. The range of different styles is extensive, from elegant and modern, to traditional and cottage-style. When deciding which style to go for, consider the style of your house and also the other houses in the street. Think about whether you want the door to blend in or stand out.

3. Choose the Colour
If you want your door to stand out, nothing is better than a bold red or vibrant, bright blue. But you may not want your front door to attract so much attention. In this case, choose a muted brown or a fresh white. Fortunately, particularly when it comes to composite doors, the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to colour choice. You can also choose what colour the door is on the interior – white is the traditional choice but you can go for a wood grain finish also.

4. Add the Accessories
To make your door unique, customize the appearance with your choice of fittings such as brass lever handles, letter boxes in different styles, and door knockers in brass or other metals. To make the decision even trickier, consider that you can also choose glass panels, side bars, different peepholes and much more.

5. Consider the Security Features
A new door is not only aesthetically pleasing but it should also offer a good level of security. Pick a sturdy door, with full hinges and lock plates. Look out for doors that also have a good level of thermal efficiency, for the environmental benefits. You should pick a door that comes with an insulated foam core that will lead to lower energy bills.