Top Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Home SecureThe best way to approach home security is deterrence. Minimising the risk of your valuables and property being subject to theft will leave you feeling more secure and quite possibly your pocket better off when it comes to home insurance. Here are a few ways to keep those burglars at bay.

Secure The Property
Make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked and have no weak points. Old windows and badly secured doors are tempting for would be burglars. Dead-bolts are to be recommended as is ensuring that you have the right level of security on any sliding patio doors which require specialist locks to ensure that they are safe and secure. Getting advice from a professional installation company such as PatioMaster about the best security methods for doors and windows is highly recommended. Install security lighting around the property as possible thieves will avoid brightly lit areas. An alarm system is also a huge deterrent, will make you feel safer and really does help when taking out house insurance.

Don’t Make it Easy For Them
Do not leave keys visible and accessible to those who might want to get into your property. When you go to bed take keys with you so that you know that they are safe. It is never a good idea to hide keys in your garden or in obvious places like under plant pots. These are the first places thieves will look as they are well aware of people’s habits. Do not advertise the fact that you are going away on social media or in public areas like hairdressers, a lot of burglaries occur because they know that the house will be empty. If you do have to go away have someone open and close the curtains for you and use an automatic timer to switch lights on and off.

Make it Noisy
Burglars do not want to be heard. So it stands to reason that anything that is likely to force them into making a noise will stop them in their tracks. Having a gravelled drive is one way that you can use this theory to deter a thief. We all know how much noise it makes when you have to walk across gravel, and it is the last thing that a would be burglar will want to do. Having a dog who will bark at unwanted visitors is also a good method of deterrence.

Home security at the end of the day often comes down to common sense. If you were going to try and get into someone’s house, you would look for weaknesses. Use that knowledge to your best advantage and make sure that there is nothing that the thieves can take advantage of.