Spark Modern Fires Delivers Truly Modern Designs To Any Home

Spark Modern Fires offers modern and and superior gas fireplaces that can enhance any environment. A sleek, modern fireplace can be yours in a combination of different designs and styles. Their fireplaces are designed to be energy efficient and easily installed.

Why are Their Fireplaces Unique?

Spark Modern Fires design fireplaces that are unlike any other fireplaces. Their indoor modern fireplaces have an 80% energy efficiency rating. Since their fireplaces are gas-powered most need only a small vent to deal with smoke, and some models need no vents or chimneys at all. They are energy efficient and avoid wasted heat loss and drafts associated with traditional fireplaces.

Custom Fireplaces to Fit Your Space 

Spark Modern Fires has various sized, custom designed fireplaces made to fit your unique needs and space. Whether you want a custom gas fireplace built into a wall, in a firebox, or a fire window with a linear outdoor burner system – they can build it for you. Customize your fireplace with flame size, fire objects, vents, dual facade and more!

A Modern Fireplace for Your Taste 

If you are looking for the perfect, contemporary fireplace – then check out the gas fireplaces from Spark Fires. Not all modern designs are alike. From fireplaces that serve as dividers to geometric designs, you can have a custom gas fireplace that fits your style. They also serve as unique pieces of artwork that will make a spectacular focal point to any room.