Three Fun Upgrades for Phoenix Families

When most people think about Phoenix, Arizona, they picture a city that relishes its leisure activities and a population that’s quite active. As it turns out, this stereotype is well rooted in fact.

All across the Phoenix Valley, families enjoy spending as much time doing something, anything, that keeps them on the go, alert and active. Whether it’s swimming in the pool, cooking and dining al fresco, or just enjoying some quality time with their families.

What makes Phoenix unique is that a lot of these activities are done right at home. Thanks to its amazing desert climate, Phoenix residents can spend lots of time enjoying the benefits of year round sunshine, cool nights and almost no moisture. As a result, upgrading your home to make it better for these types of events is a big deal to people in the area.

If you’re a Phoenix resident who has been thinking about adding some of these fun upgrades to your home, here are a few things to consider.

Swimming Pools
The fact of the matter is that most Phoenix homes already have a swimming pool of one kind or another already installed. That said, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a little swimming pool upgrade. This could be something as simple as adding a water slide, or a covered cabana.

If you live in a house with an above ground pool, you might want to consider adding a more substantial built-in model. Though this kind of pool can cost quite a bit to install, they’ll generally add significant value to the resale price of your home.

Game Rooms
Let’s face facts, Phoenix is a very hot city and sometimes you just want to be inside enjoying the air conditioning. That’s why plenty of Phoenix families have some pretty sweet game rooms with pool tables, shuffleboard and other family-friendly games.

Putting together a game room like this can be about as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. If you’re really looking for deals, try Googling terms like, “pool tables in Phoenix, Arizona.” You might be surprised at all the good deals you’ll find.

Outdoor Kitchen
Once the sun starts setting, the desert heat gives way to cool breezes that create the perfect environment for outdoor grilling. If your family regularly spends time cooking and eating al fresco, you should really look at building an outdoor kitchen.

There are some really impressive outdoor kitchens that are actually quite affordable and can be installed very easily. Provided you’ve got the space on your back deck or pool area, this is an addition that’s well worth the investment (and might even be good for your health!).

Phoenix has long attracted people who love the active life, despite its reputation as the retirement capital of the United States. So whether you love drifting on a floating chair across your pool; cooking gourmet meals on beautiful outdoor kitchen; or just relaxing with a friendly game of pool in your basement game room, these upgrades are money well spent.