How to Start with your Rooftop Garden Landscape Design

A rooftop garden landscape in the city gives you time to meditate, relax and enjoy time with yourself and loved ones. Imagine starting your day surrounded by plants that give off fresh air while you enjoy the city view with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s an essential part of your lifestyle having your very own rooftop garden, and while you have your own ideas on how you want it to look like, getting professional help always gets the job done conveniently.

Looking for the right professional roofer saves you time, money and effort in designing your rooftop garden landscape because of their organized system and years of experience that makes the process smoother and faster.

Start your rooftop garden landscape design through these tips from a professional roofer:

Describe Your Ideal Rooftop Garden Structure.

Once you have your rooftop garden structure in mind, describe it by writing your ideas on a piece of paper and specifying details like the size, color and length of the landscape. Giving this to a professional roofer will give them an idea of what you want and give you the right advice based on what is ideal for your rooftop space and suggest the right elements like color that go with the flow of your home.

Ask Your Contractor of your Roof’s Capacity to Hold Soil and Other Garden Elements.

You need to ask your professional roofer of how much weight of soil and other elements it can hold. This will keep the landscaping phase safe and secure for workers and members of the household.

Create a Solid Maintenance System.

Find out what plants are suitable for your rooftop garden and ask your professional roofer to build fences or tiny shelters to protect your plants from falling objects or stray animals. An easy to clean yard is also a must. Ask if it’s suitable to place sprinklers in the area and consult your professional roofer on tips like how often and in what ways you should clean your rooftop garden.

Make Sure Your Budget and Climate Fits Your Rooftop Design.

Ask your professional roofer for a quote from clearing the area to installing plants, sprinklers etc. and building miniature plant shelters and other landscaping needs. This will help you prevent delays and finish your rooftop garden project on time. The climate is also a crucial factor to consider when building your home. Your design should last throughout the four seasons and not hard to maintain.

Clear Your Area For Landscaping.

Once you are all set with your professional roofer, clear the area for landscaping and leave no furniture and junk behind. Repair any broken parts of the roof before landscaping.